Recreational Support Services

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Hopewell also offers an on-site recreational program that provides adult day programming, social groups and holiday camps (Summer break, March break, Winter break).  Our recreational programs are available to children and adults with a developmental disability living in the Guelph community.  

Participants in the recreational program have meaningful experiences through community exploration.  Our focus is on developing daily living skills as well as sensory, leisure, social, and recreational skills, by offering a variety of activities, including community outings, educational and learning opportunities, and special events. Whether it’s supporting a local pumpkin patch or walking a local trail, our programs are all about community participation.  

Passport funding can be used to purchase daytime support at our program.

Available programs will be advertised on our website or social media pages, and with partner agencies (AIR and DSO).  All applications are sent to the Program Manager / Program Coordinator and are typically filled on a first come, first served basis.

For more information, please contact Michelle Hayward at

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