Mission, Values & History

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Our Mission

Enrich the lives of individuals with a range of physical and developmental abilities to experience a full life.

Our Vision

A community where all people can reach their full potential in supportive and caring environments.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are principles and beliefs that guide our actions and relationships with our stakeholders. Hopewell is guided by the following five core values:  

Transparency – We value clear, honest and open communication at all levels of the organization.

Innovation – We value and encourage thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas that contribute to organizational transformation.

Excellence – We value a never-ending quest for continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Person-Centred – We value a person-centred approach to support which enables a person to build and keep control over their life.

Accountability – We value quality, professionalism and responsibility in all our endeavours


Hopewell was started in 1983 by John and Joanne Oosterhuis as a way of helping families in their community; families who had children with disabilities.  And they did this by purchasing a large farm house in Ariss, ON and becoming foster parents for these children. Initially, the farmhouse allowed them to provide care for four (4) children and they did this while caring for their own family in the same home.  As word got out about the individualized care that the Oosterhuis family provided, referrals continued to increase, they hired staff and took in more children with complex physical and medical needs.

In the late 1990s the provincial government asked Hopewell to establish a second facility for adults needing the same type of care. The government provided funding for an 8-bed adult building in Ariss and gave priority to residents coming from schedule one facilities in Ontario (or better known as institutions) which were in the process of being closed permanently.  (In March 2009, the Ontario government fulfilled its commitment made in 1987 to move from an institution-based system for people with a developmental disability to a community-based service system).  This expansion was just the beginning of our growth.

The Oosterhuis family continued to live in that farmhouse until 1996.  The legacy that they started would grow and flourish to become the incredible organization that Hopewell is today.

  • Hopewell became a licensed group home in 1984.
  • We were incorporated and registered as a charity in 1990.
  • We currently have the privilege of supporting 34 individuals full-time in their home
  • Hopewell either owns or rents locations in the Guelph-Wellington area (and we now have 7 locations in total where we provide service)
  • We provide respite services to both children and adults in our community
  • We also provide a recreational program that offers day programming for individuals with disabilities.
  • Our staff complement currently is 170 employees and growing.

And we know we’re not done yet…the need in our community is great and we want to continue with our mission of “Enriching the lives of individuals with a range of physical and developmental abilities to experience a full life.”  A full life just like our own life, full of choice and opportunity.  

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